Life Planning | Mark

Planning is an essential part of setting yourself up to achieve a goal. We are normally very good at planning a holiday, or a barbecue or a birthday celebration. We plan these events so we know we will achieve that goal. We prove to ourselves every day that planning works, in the small actions we take.

So when it comes to our life, why do we often fail to put any type of plan in place.

When we were at school, our days and weeks were planned for us. Our timetable told us which lesson we were in and the curriculum gave us an idea of what we would be learning. Whether that was useful to us is neither here nor there but what it did teach us was that planning was an essential process for learning and achieving.

However, when we left academia, a large proportion of people stopped. We looked for a job that may have been somewhere near what we wanted to do but once there, we stopped planning our lives.

I was exactly the same. Life just happened and I would ‘roll with the punches’, like many of us do. It took me a long time to realise that I needed to plan my life if I ever wanted it to turn out as I wished but once I started, I found that I was able to achieve those things I wanted to do, be the person I wanted to be and have the things that I wanted to have.

The bank holiday is a great time to plan, to think about exactly were you are now and what you really want to be, do or have in life. Once you have decided that, you can start making a plan.

Your plan doesn’t have to be particularly detailed at the start and will never be the plan that you finally end up with. However the plan will show you where to start. Take the first step on your plan no start walking towards the life that you want to lead.

Have a thoughtful day,

– Mark Tannel