sample10 | Mark

Five days ago, while I’ve been here volunteering in Kenya, I posed two questions to the guys I have been working with:“What is the average monthly wage in Kenya and can be people survive on it?”

Once I had the answers, it was obvious that the average wage was low and was not coping with the the rising cost of living. That is pretty well the same situation in every part of the world, I’m sure. So I then asked the guys one more question. “How can this be improved?”

That question then became our focus for the rest of the week. We talked about it every day, we thought about it and wrote down every conceivable way this could happen and then sought help and advice from various contacts that we collectively knew.

We set ourselves a goal to create a solution to this problem and we focused on this costantly. It became our burning desire to find this solution and now, only five days later, pretty sure we have a solution.

In these five days we have created a company, successfully researched, created and tested a solution to another issue and also solved the challenge with starting this business with very little capital.

This has only been possible to achieve this goal this quickly because we had a burning desire to achieve this, focused intensely on the problem, would not accept that it couldn’t be done and only looked at ways it could be done.

By focusing and working together, we have achieved our goal a day before the deadline we set ourselves.

Anyone can do the same; through focused attention to the goal and working in collaboration with others that want the same goal, you can achieve something that you may have thought was impossible.

So put it to the test; what one goal do you have that, if you achieved it, would radically change your circumstances?

Who are the people around you that would gladly work toward this goal with you?

Once you have that in place, then focus all your attention on It, every second of every day until it is achieved and achieve it you will.

Have a successful day,

– Mark Tanner