Freedom Through Change | Mark

Yesterday I was talking to a very wealthy man who I used to coach. He earns upwards of £100,000 per month; yes, per month.

He is in his forties, has his own business and is a very unassuming character. He had a degree which he has never used, worked very hard in job for peanuts which eventually left and tried his hand in several business opportunities, all of which never gave him any better income, some just adding to his mountainous debt.

He was advised to pay for a coach who could help but he never did. Instead, he tried again, made the same errors in judgement and this time it was disastrous for him, socially and financially.

Bankrupt, alone and one settee (couch to my American readers), it was his mate who told him that be needed to do things differently.

Interestingly, he didn’t tell him to ‘get a job’ as he had just been made redundant himself for the second time.

That was 2009 and he borrowed £100 off his mate and started another business. However this time he hired a coach.

The coach challenged him to change. It was a long process as the challenge revealed many limiting beliefs he had of how the world works, none of which he had formed himself. These beliefs had been fed him and nearly all could be attributed to his early childhood.

The challenge led him to change his beliefs and start to crest his own success, small at first but like s snowball rolling down a mountain, gained momentum and size.

He now has an amazing marriage, he had reconciled with his now grown children, has a great level of fitness and is abundantly wealthy.

He had the freedom to do anything he wants and spends a lot of time volunteering with different charities, takes a lot of holiday and looks after all his employees very well.

His change has bought him success and more importantly, freedom.

How can you start challenging yourself today to change your fortunes?

Have a challenging day.

– Mark Tanner.